SOC Analyst vs Software Developer

January 11, 2023
SOC Analyst
SOC Analyst vs Software Developer

In this blog post, information about SOC Analyst and Software Developer has been discussed.

SOC Analyst

What Does a SOC Analyst Do?

SOC Analysts try to detect anomalous behavior by monitoring the activities of the digital assets within their institutions. After detecting an abnormal security event suitable for the attacker's behavior, it quickly performs the necessary analyzes and takes the necessary actions to take the necessary precautions.

SOC Analyst's Daily Work Routine

Many different assignments can be found in the SOC Analyst's work routine. Some SOC analysts work mainly on detection by examining only the alerts from security products. The main process performed by the SOC analyst who undertakes this task is the monitoring process. Some SOC analysts mainly perform analysis operations. Usually, the results from the monitoring activity feed the analysis processes. Therefore, in general, the daily routines of SOC analysts are briefly monitoring, detection, analysis, and attack prevention.

Pros of the SOC Analyst Job

  • Being the first to be aware of current cyber threats, the cyber security sector business line
  • Being the first to encounter the technical details of new attack vectors, as the SOC analyst is the first to deal with cyber threats.
  • Finding a more active working environment than some boring jobs by trying to catch the cyber attacker due to SOC analyst's job
  • Having a job suitable for the remote working model
  • Granting financially satisfactory salaries
  • Being a profession with a clear path as long as technical development is provided.
  • SOC analyst is needed in almost every company, so job opportunities are high
  • Having the opportunity to learn new information
  • Since it is a job that requires teamwork, it allows employees to be social in the work environment.

Cons of the SOC Analyst Job

  • High probability of having to undertake many tasks in a limited time frame
  • Higher risk of encountering high-stress situations
  • An error in the analysis can cause great losses.
  • The business has to proceed without a hitch against managerial pressures
  • Irregular working hours are likely to be continuous or occasional
  • Availability of employees at night or during non-working hours for emergencies
  • Implementation of repetitive routines
  • Frequent encounters with a lack of resources

Required Skills for SOC Analyst

  • Having an analytical intelligence
  • Having strong communication skills
  • Take quick action
  • Ability to work under intense stress and pressure
  • Being suitable for continuous research
  • To be able to adapt to continuous follow-up
  • To have technical knowledge about the security of digital devices and computers
  • Being able to adapt quickly to changes
  • Being a patient
  • Having technical knowledge about monitored security monitoring panels and having the ability to use security products
  • To have theoretical/practical knowledge about the cyber security products and tools used
  • To have received prior training about the procedures performed as part of the job.
  • Basic knowledge of programming languages ​​and programming
  • To have basic knowledge about the working principles of computer networks.
  • Documentation and reporting skills
  • To be able to produce effective and fast solutions in crisis situations

Average Annual Salary of SOC Analyst

It can be said that SOC analyst salaries are at a level that will satisfy candidates/employees in the cyber security sector. Although the salaries vary according to the company and the experience of the person, the annual average salary can be expressed according to public data. According to the data obtained through Glassdoor, experts with the title of SOC analyst in the USA earn an average of $100,590 annually as of January 2023.


Resources to Begin a SOC Analyst Career

Software Developer

What Does a Software Developer Do?

Software Developer designs, develops, and maintains software systems by being involved in software development processes in the institution where he/she works. Compared to the SOC analyst, Software Developer can carry out a much more diverse task according to the need of the software development process. Instead of routine security monitoring activities like SOC Analyst, software developer completes software development tasks with more beginning, end, and deadline. It deals with bugs in software. SOC Analyst, on the other hand, performs their duties mainly by using security solutions created by Software Developers.

Software Developer's Daily Work Routine

A software developer is responsible for completing the software development tasks on it during the day. These tasks may include various tasks necessary for the development of the software. Fixing bugs in the software, developing new software features, and testing these features can be given as examples of some tasks of the software developer.

Pros of the Software Developer Job

  • Suitable for a remote working model
  • Usually satisfactory salaries
  • Having abundant paid/unpaid resources that allow employees to develop themselves
  • Being a profession with an open future as long as technical development is made
  • Availability of working options while traveling or in different locations depending on the possibility of working remotely
  • Having a social life in the business environment, as it is usually worked in teams
  • Being open to continuous development as it is a dynamic field
  • Today, almost every institution or business needs software, so the opportunity to find a job is higher than in other professions.

Cons of Software Development Job

  • Having to find quick solutions because time-critical tasks are fulfilled
  • There is a possibility that sometimes significantly large amounts of tasks will be performed, although this varies from project to project.
  • Having to work outside working hours or during holidays for emergencies
  • The constant need to adapt quickly to new technologies
  • The possibility of making creative and innovative breakthroughs in order to be ahead of the competitors and the increase in the difficulty of the work accordingly
  • Apart from the in-company team sociability, the possibility of being less social in private lives than in other occupational groups
  • Having an unhealthy lifestyle due to being in front of the computer all the time
  • Exposure to severe stress, sometimes due to tasks
  • Exposure to sometimes tedious and difficult communications with non-technical customers

Required Skills for Software Developer

  • Having solution-oriented analytical intelligence
  • Ability to move quickly
  • Adapting to teamwork
  • Have the necessary technical knowledge and experience
  • Keeping up with and researching constantly up-to-date software trends
  • Ability to work alone in some situations 

Average Annual Salary of Software Developer

It can be said that Software Developer salaries are at a level that satisfies the candidates/employees in the software industry. Although the salaries vary according to the company and the experience of the person, the annual average salary can be expressed according to public data. According to the data obtained through Glassdoor, experts with the title of Software Developer in the USA earn an average of $ 95,322 annually as of January 2023.


Resources to Begin a Software Developer Career

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