How to Install REMnux

Ahmet Aytemiz
June 4, 2024
How to Install REMnux

How to Install REMnux 

Remnux is a Linux toolkit for malware analysis and reverse engineering. It was first released in July 2010. REMnux is a very popular distro among malware analysts and comes with hundreds of preinstalled tools for malware analysis and reverse engineering.  Basically, REMnux is Kali, but instead of penetration testing, it's utilized for malware analysis.

As we will see below, we can download REMnux in three different ways:

  • We can download the REMnux OVA file from
  • We can download REMnux on Ubuntu from scratch.
  • We can also run REMnux as a Docker Container.

Here is a step-by-step guide to installing REMnux in Ubuntu:


  • Ubuntu operating system running on a physical or virtual machine with at least 4GB of RAM and 60GB of disk space.
  • A stable internet connection to download the REMnux packages.
  • Your best hypervisor if you are using a virtual machine.


  • Get the REMnux installer
  • Install Dependencies
  • Run REMnux Installer
  • Reboot the REMnux System

Get the REMnux Installer

To install REMnux on Ubuntu firstly we need to download REMnux Installer. We can use the following command to download it.


After downloading the REMnux installer we need to set up the installer with the following commands:

mv remnux-cli remnux
chmod +x remnux
sudo mv remnux /usr/local/bin

Install Dependencies

We need to install GnuPG so that the REMnux installer can automatically validate the signature of the REMnux configuration files it will download during the installation process. And for later use, we need to install curl. You can use the following command to install dependencies:

sudo apt install -y gnupg curl 

Run REMnux Installer

Now, we are ready to install REMnux. Use the following command to install REMnux:

sudo remnux install

The installation of REMnux will take some time, depending on the speed of your internet connection and the amount of resources you're giving your virtual machine, i.e. your processor and RAM. Once the installation is complete, restart your operating system. 

REMnux will open with a new GUI as shown below:


REMnux is a great distro for malware analysis and reverse engineering. It has many preinstalled tools like Olevba, Wireshark, CyberChef, YARA, and many more. This article covered how to install REMnux on an Ubuntu machine.

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