Getting Started in Cybersecurity: Jeremiah's Story

Omer Gunal
January 8, 2024
Success Story
Getting Started in Cybersecurity: Jeremiah's Story

Can you tell us about your background?

Thank you for the opportunity to be put out on this platform. My name is Jeremiah Olubunmi, a 20 year old male boy. Born and bred in the city of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. I hail from Oyo State, so I am proudly Yoruba by tribe. I graduated from Secondary School in 2020 and I love computers a whole lot.

What motivated you to start learning about cybersecurity?

Since I was much younger, I loved computers, and using them was like breeze to me – easier. However, when I graduated from Secondary School, I wanted to pursue a career in Medicine and Surgery, majorly as a Neurosurgeon like Ben Carson.
Trying and failing for three years without admission made me sit and strategize again. I took out time to pray and redefine where my life’s journey was supposed to be directed to. Discovering that cybersecurity was what I wanted to do, I delved in head on! That was the most of the motivation I needed to start off.

Can you share some specific skills or knowledge you gained from the LetsDefend?

Sincerely, it’s great Kudos to the LetsDefend platform! I had taken several courses on Cybersecurity when I started out, and I knew I needed some hands-on experience. I got a number of platforms recommended, but LetsDefend stayed more with me. Linux fundamentals and Wireshark Analysis are skills, among the many that I gained, that stay more with me.

Were there any key milestones or “aha” moments during your cybersecurity learning journey?

There were days where I spent hours on a particular module, racking my brain, trying to find the solutions. I would try, almost give up and give it more tries. For every time, I finally got the solutions I needed, and those moments have been fulfilling times in my learning journey.

What advice do you have for individuals considering a career in cybersecurity?

Be sure that cybersecurity is what you want to be involved in. Devote yourself to study. Find mentors and follow them closely. Don’t skip any step. And finally, YOU CAN DO IT!
Thank you very much 😊

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